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Live your best life now. I help you create your happily ever after through estate planning for you, your family, your pets, and your assets.
Who We Help

Attorney Cathy Tabor educates and guides you to leave a true legacy

Estate Planning

With my life and legacy planning model, I help you confidently make legal and financial decisions

Kids Protection Planning

Guiding you to ensure your kids (and the money you leave behind for them) are taken care of

Asset Protection Planning

Helping you keep everything you have created and earned safe from creditors and other threats to your security
Who We Help

Attorney Cathy Tabor educates and guides you to leave a true legacy

Special Needs Planning

Helping parents plan for children with special needs by building a fortress of protection around them that will last a lifetime, because they will need you and your support much longer than others.

Elder Law Planning

Guiding you to navigate a variety of strategies to ensure your health care costs are covered, you are not caught off guard, and your family knows just what to do over time as you age.

Tabor Law Firm, PC's Unique Promise

How You Hire Me

I am building relationships, not documents. For that reason, I help you organize your financial life and legacy goals to help give you the full picture of what matters most.

What I Protect

The assets most often lost between generations are intangible. My personalized process ensures everything from your values to your voice are protected during your life and for generations to come.

How I Plan

Every estate plan is unique, driven by your personal relationships and risk factors. I work with you to map out the most likely scenarios for you, and a plan for each as life changes.

What You See

You will know what you pay and what you are paying for at every step of our relationship. Offering a “no surprise” promise and ensuring transparency, you and I stay on the same side of the table, every step of the way.

How I Deliver

The majority of estate plans are left unfinished and unsigned. I help you mitigate the biggest risk in legacy planning – procrastination – by making it easy to make decisions and solidify legal documents as they are needed.

What You Can Trust

One-and-done estate plans are a recipe for failure. I build a lifetime relationship with you so that your financial and legal decision making evolves at the speed of life, elevating meaning and purpose in every season.

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